Monday, 31 August 2020

Review: The Postscript Murders (Harbinder Kaur #2) by Elly Griffiths

I love Elly Griffiths's mystery novels because of their clever twisty plots and warm-hearted characters. The Postscript Murders is the second in the Harbinder Kaur series. The first one, The Stranger Diaries, was a modern gothic mystery. The Postscript Murders is more a nod to classic 'golden age' crime fiction. You don't have to have read the first book in the series to enjoy this one. 

Peggy Smith was a 'murder consultant'. She advised crime writers on their plots and invented original ways for them to kill off their characters. When she died at the age of 90 in a retirement home, Detective Sergeant Harbinder Kaur doesn't believe there is anything suspicious about it. Until Peggy's carer is held up at gunpoint - for a book!

Elly Griffiths is brilliant at creating characters that you really care about. I was so pleased when she decided to write another book featuring the dour Harbinder Kaur - now I'm hoping Elly will write another story featuring the stars of this story - Natalka (Peggy's care assistant), Benedict (the ex-monk) and Edwin (Peggy's friend, an ex-BBC producer). They would make a wonderful investigating team! 

The Postscript Murders is like a fan letter to classic murder mysteries. Many of the secondary characters are crime writers and you get a glimpse into their lives. I love the way Natalka, Benedict and Edwin hare off to Aberdeen and gate-crash a writers' conference, determined to speak to Peggy's old clients and solve her murder. There is lots of bookish talk and even book bloggers get a mention. It's terrific fun!

The Postscript Murders is one of my favourite reads this year - such a gorgeous cover too! Recommended for all fans of traditional murder mysteries and readers of authors such as Richard Osman (The Thursday Murder Club) and Kate Ellis (the Wesley Peterson series). I'm counting the days until the next one - fingers crossed! 

Thank you to Elly Griffiths and Quercus for my copy of this book, which I requested from NetGalley and reviewed voluntarily.

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