What I Love Reading

I rarely read the bestseller charts, or what others are reading - I prefer to find my own books, and I often re-read my favourites. Usually I read on a Kindle, about two to three books a week. I’ll read practically anything but my favourite genres are romance, crime, and YA fantasy.

Traditional romantic comedies are my favourites, although I don't like anything too silly or slapstick. I'm not keen on contemporary romance either - there has to be something else going on - such as humour or a mystery. I love murder mysteries where I can't work out the twists, but nothing too gruesome or graphic (I'm a complete wimp). I enjoy cosy crime if it has a bit of an edge. I adore romantic suspense, preferably with a deliciously bad gamma hero, but the heroine does have to stand up to him.

I have a bit of an obsession with the gothic, so I do like supernatural/paranormal stories with ghosts, vampires and witches, but definitely not zombies. I don't like science fiction, steampunk, or women's fiction covering serious topics/issues (particularly if it's disguised as a romcom) - I get enough of that in real life! I read for escapism! Happy/satisfying endings are essential.

My new favourite genre is YA fantasy, particularly those with crossover appeal, and stories that reference folklore and dark fairy tales.

I love historical novels but I don't like sagas or anything set during either World War. You could say my guilty pleasure is historical romance but as I believe anyone can read whatever the hell they like, I don't feel remotely guilty about it!

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